Over 50 Years In Business, Over 20,000 buildings built!


​With Goodon you get a post under every rafter - one of the strongest roof to wall joints in the industry.
​Rafters are notched into the post for a superior wall to roof joint
​All Goodon buildings are braced to the engineer's specifications required for the size and use of your building.
​The roof is strapped with 2 x 6 graded lumber.
​All Goodon farm buldings are pre-engineered to national Farm Building Codes. Industrial buildings are engineered to your local code.
​Super strong laminated headers are used over door openings located in side walls.
​Walls are strapped with 2 x 6 graded lumber
​Goodon buildings can be built with execptionally wide clear spans, up to 110', to give you total flexibility in planning your layout.
​Save more money on insulated buildings. Post to post insulation makes Goodon buildings more energy efficient.
​Insulated buildings have a continuous bottom rodent barrier / insulation stop.
​Every Goodon crew is fully equipped with the right equipment to efficiently build top quality buildings.
​With Goodon you get quality people. Goodon crews are all professionals who only build post frame buildings.