Over 50 Years In Business, Over 20,000 buildings built!
Did You Know?

Goodon Industries has been in business for over 50 YEARS!  
We have built over 20,000 buildings - if you are within our service area there is a very good chance we have probably built close by!
All of our buildings adhere to the National Farm Building Code of Canada.  
Our buildings are guaranteed for 2 years against defects or workmanship, carry a 40 year warranty on paint, offer lifetime guarantee on Cannonball hardware and have a 75 year life expectancy on poles!
Leasing a Goodon building may be a great option for you because it allows more financial flexibility and may offer tax deductions.  Here is a link from one lease company with things to consider when choosing to lease or buy:
http://www.nationalleasing.com/en/blog/entry/should-you-lease-or-buy-your-agriculture-building ‚Äč
Most of our crews have built with us for at least 10 years, and many of them have been with us for over 20 years - they have literally built thousands of buildings!  They are experienced, efficient and ready to build for you!
Goodon Industries employs over 40 yard, office staff and drivers, and we are proudly represented by 20 crews across our serving area.