Over 50 Years In Business, Over 20,000 buildings built!


​Only 28 gauge metal cladding is manufactured exclusively for Goodon Industries by Border Town Metal.
​The cladding has exceptional spanning properties for a spring like resistance to abuse.
​The unique coating of the metal combines proprietary resin technology with colour-fast ceramic pigments for maximum colour retention and resistance to fading.
Over 20 colours of metal available, all with a 40 year paint warranty.
​The metal plant located at Goodon's distribution center gives faster turn around for custom rolled cladding, often in the same day
​Any style of custom trims can be made with our top of the line metal folder. All trim is fastened with screws.
​The clear polycarbonate ridge cap lets in lots of light. 
The standard roof and sidewall cladding, with white undersides, 
gives a clean bright interior.