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Machine Sheds

​Protect your farm’s most important tools and investment: your machinery.

Properly stored machinery depreciates less, as equipment is sheltered from the harsh elements of hot sun, wind, rain and snow. Belts, hoses and bearings all last longer. 

With Goodon post frame buildings you get straight walls. You can park your big equipment up tight to the exterior walls. Every square foot of space is 100% usable. 

Your Goodon building can be orderd with a partition wall to give you a combination shop/storage building. Part of the building can be insulated and heated while the rest is used for storage. 

Adding a grain storage package in your Goodon building gives farmers a great alternative when temporary storage of grain is required. It's like having two buildings in one: grain storage when needed and a machine / general storage building when you're not storing grain.

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